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Airdrie Urgent Care opens 24/7

Virginia Wheeler, Care Manager, Airdrie Urgent Care, Dr. Elaine Desnoyers, Medical Director, Airdrie Urgent Care, celebrate the 24 hour Urgent Care in Airdrie.

Airdrie Urgent Care is now providing round the clock health services to the community.

AHS has been working with the local community, Alberta Health, City of Airdrie, Highland Primary Care Network and the Airdrie Health Foundation to improve access to health services in the community.

“This is exciting for us, and for everyone who had a hand in bringing 24 hour health care services to this community,” says Dr. Ted Braun, Vice President and Medical Director, Central and Southern Alberta. “This is a true example of the great work that’s possible when we work together, with the people in the communities we serve.”

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