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Record Breaking Gala for Airdrie Health Foundation

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Christina Stein

The Airdrie Health Foundation recently celebrated its the fourth annual Light up the Night fundraising Gala. Starting in 2014, this annual gala creates a large impact in the Airdrie community thanks to the generosity of the Airdrie community and surrounding areas. With over 270 tickets sold, the foundation proudly shared that this year’s gala raised just over $110,000 in support of Airdrie public health care priorities.

The Airdrie Health Foundation was established as a charitable foundation in 2013. However, they began work in 2011 as a small group of motivated volunteers determined to access to 24-Hour Urgent Care for Airdrie. All funds raised by the foundation go towards health and wellness priorities, such as: life saving equipment, the AHS/RCMP Mental Health Liaison Team, the Pregnancy and Beyond program and the new Telemedicine project that will give Airdrie residents access to specialty care.

This year’s Gala helped to acquire much needed medical equipment identified by Airdrie’s frontline medical staff as high priorities. This includes: a Wound Care Chair, HeartMath Sensors, Mooney Ring Cutter, support for the Additions and Mental Health Day Program, and a Baby Warmer for Urgent Care.

This year’s silent auction saw participants able to bid from their mobile devices for the first time ever. This proved to not only be an incredibly exciting experience for guests but also helped to raise nearly $8500, a marked increase from previous years.

Not to be out done, this year’s live auction was a resounding success. “We are humbled and grateful to be a part of such a generous community,” said Airdrie Health Foundation co-founder and board chair Michelle Bates. “We even saw one auction item go for $5000 – it was incredible!”

Something the Airdrie Health Foundation is particularly proud of is the successful launch of their new Annual Giving Campaign. “I think many people don’t realize how impactful each and every gift to the foundation is. Whether it is $1000 or $10, all donations make a transformational impact in our community,” said Bates. “We had over 20 new donors sign up to be a part of our new Annual Giving Campaign. These are donors who are excited to make a contribution of around five or twenty dollars and we are proud to see our community come together in this way. What is momentous about these gifts to us is the participation we see from our community. It isn’t about the amount of money – it is about the amount of people committing themselves to support health care in Airdrie.”

Michelle Bates with husband Jeff Bates and their two daughters.

The Airdrie Health Foundation was established after Bates’ five-year-old son Lane became suddenly and seriously ill during the night in 2009. At that time Airdrie had no access to 24-hour emergency medical care and it was impossible to access the necessary medical help in time to save Lane. “The Gala is a bitter sweet experience for my family because it is a time that we share our son’s story,” said Bates. “But it is also a reminder that Lane is still able to help others and make an impact through the work of the foundation.” Bates began work in 2011 as a strong community voice towards ensuring 24-Hour Urgent Care for Airdrie, which the foundation successfully gained for Airdrie in 2017.

Next year the Airdrie Health Foundation will celebrate their sixth annual Light Up the Night Gala and they are already planning to continue to raise the bar for Airdrie.

To make a gift to the Airdrie Health Foundation visit or call 587-580-9016.

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