The Airdrie Health Foundation works directly with

front-line medical staff to help determine Airdrie's highest health priorities.

We provide services, equipment & education to support

the Airdrie Community Health Centre, 

Urgent Care, Mental Health and other high priority needs.

Through generous donations made by people like you,

we have been able to accomplish the following:

On April 3 2017, the Airdrie Health Foundation successfully championed

for the opening of 24-hour

Urgent Care in Airdrie.

  • Fetal Heart Monitor to keep moms & babies out of the hospital for testing

  • An Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor to lower wait times for patients

  • Telemedicine Equipment to increase cardiology appointments in Airdrie 

Equipment for community health partner, the Highland Primary Care Network
  • A Crash Cart to ensure critical support for Urgent Care

  • A Hand Held Ultrasound Machine for Urgent Care which has been credited for saving lives

  • A Glidescope to secure patients' airways in Urgent Care

  • A Vein Finder for Urgent Care

  • A Wound Chair to make procedures easier on patients in the Home Care Clinic

  • 8 reclining chairs for the Adult Day Program

EQUIPMENT FOR community health centre & URGENT CARE
  • ProSed course for physicians and nurse practitioners to learn to manage airways and intubate critically ill patients - increasing the scope of practice at Urgent Care   

  • LEAP education for nurses working with palliative care patients



  • Chill Zone (activity based group for up to 10 youth aged 13-17)

  • Adult Day Program (respite care for seniors)

  • Community Pediatric Rehabilitation Program, Preschool Language Services (equipment to support interpretation services for parents and their young children)

For pregnant and new mothers with children under the age of 18 months.

Baby's Grasp

Initiative aimed at addressing mental-health-related issues in Airdrie and the surrounding communities.

Comforting Hands

Telemedicine technology allows for real-time patient exams at local health facilities without the added burden of travelling for care.

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