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The Airdrie Health Foundation is a charitable foundation 

created to raise funds for the Airdrie Community Health Centre, 

Urgent Care, Mental Health and

other high priority health care needs.

Our mandate is to raise funds for

health and wellness priorities,

such   as services, equipment and education

for Airdrie and the surrounding community.


 The Airdrie Health Foundation was established after a

five-year-old boy named Lane became suddenly and seriously ill during the night in 2009. Because Airdrie had no 24-hour emergency medical care, it was impossible for Lane's parents to access the necessary medical help in time to save their son.


Lane's mother, Michelle Bates, co-founded the Airdrie Health Foundation to prevent other families from experiencing similar tragedies. The Airdrie Health Foundation was established as a registered charity in 2013. After seven years of work acting as a strong community voice, the Airdrie Health Foundation successfully gained

24-hour Urgent Care for Airdrie in 2017.





We contribute to the health care of local people in a meaningful way. 

We respond to the needs of community and health professionals

and support their work.



We establish and maintain partnerships through open communication

and effective collaboration.




We support health and wellness education.




We are transparent and accountable.

We steward all gifts made to the foundation, with 100% of funds

going towards their donor designation.

"Lane was a typical five-year-old boy who loved sports, hunting, playing cars, playing with his army men, and being a Firefighter. Lane always watched out for others and wanted to help take care of everyone. After watching only minutes of the movie Ladder 49, he knew he wanted to be a fireman so he 'could save everyone.' He wore his firefighter’s outfit for three and a half years.
Lane would always doctor us when we were not well. He would cuddle us to make us feel better. He was always in character. Lane’s imagination was unbelievable. He was a firefighter, a hunter, a sheriff, a worker, a helper, and always taking care of something or someone. 

It was very fitting when Lane passed, that the Airdrie Fire Department made Lane an

Airdrie Emergency Services Honorary Firefighter. The Airdrie Health Foundation logo is of

Lane's hand. And a heart in it is the most fitting thing possible. I have not met anyone with a bigger heart than Lane! He always rubbed our face and held us, so his hand

ju st makes me think of him taking care of all of us.”

Michelle, mother of Lane Bates 

(July 11, 2004 - October 26, 2009)

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Sierra Springs RPO

P.O. Box 90054

Airdrie AB  T4B 0A2



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