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Sorso Lounge Donates over $1300 to the Airdrie Health Foundation

Sorso Lounge, Espresso & Wine Bar is an independent restaurant in the heart of Airdrie which has been doing business differently in Airdrie to reflect their firm belief that their success is a community endeavour. Staring this past summer, the team at Sorso are donating a portion of their sales back to Airdrie causes in a new community investment project.

“These charity events have been unreal, it started as a small idea that snowballed into something huge and the feedback has been incredible,” said Richard. “People are taking home information and education about local causes on a day-to-day basis – our community is interested in learning and supporting Airdrie”

September’s event was one of Sorso’s more successful events, in support of the Airdrie Health Foundation. Sorso donated a portion of proceeds from all house brews to the Airdrie Health Foundation as well as hosting a fundraiser in support of them on September 28th. The event was an incredible success, raising over $1300.00 in just a handful of hours.

“We are incredibly proud to be a part of the Airdrie community who, time and time again, proves their generosity of spirit,” said Richard. “We had nearly 250 community members attend - It was standing room only!”

The purpose of their month-long fundraisers, Richard explained, is about creating a greater reach for local causes and helping to create opportunities for education. Business leaders in Airdrie rallied to donate towards the silent auction, including: Oranj fitness, the Store Upstairs, Ava & Blake, Oil school, Bunie & Marie and Seven Saints.

“I enjoy giving my time and support to the Airdrie Health Foundation because of what they do for our community!” said Airdrie resident Mona McLaren. “The programs that the Airdrie Health Foundation support for residents and surrounding communities are life changing. I was very excited to go to the Sorso fundraiser knowing that my beverage purchase was going to help such a wonderful Foundation! It was great to enjoy that environment while giving back to the community.”

To make a gift to the Airdrie Health Foundation visit or call 587-580-9016

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