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Airdrie Health Foundation’s first request is a go

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

While Albertans wait for answers on healthcare funding, the Airdrie Health Foundation is taking a more pro-active approach to supporting needs in our community.

Founded by current Board of Directors Vice Chair Michelle Bates a few years ago, the AHF officially fomed into a non-profit organization in October of 2013 to support the healthcare needs of the city through raising funds and promoting health programs, services and education.

AHF approved their very first funding request this month for two organizations with very unique needs – Highland Primary Care Network (HPCN) and Rural Addiction & Mental Health (RAMH).

HPCN’s request was for a fetal heart monitor for their Low Risk Maternity / Womens’ Health Clinic that recently opened in Airdrie. The non-invasive monitor check’s on a baby’s health during the course of the mother’s prenatal visits by monitoring how it responds to movement.

Additionally, RAHM saw their funding request approved for five iPads complete with sensors to use in their Heart Math program – an initiative designed for individual or group setting to help patients build resilience, coping mechanisms for stressful situations and burnout. Patients learn techniques that help them recognize stress triggers, and how they can be managed.

Both requests totalled $21,000 from AHF.

Bates says the foundation is very excited to finally be able to purchase medical equipment that improves the well being of residents here and in surrounding communities.

“One of the foundations goals is to have residents stay in Airdrie for medical appointments and this will help keep Airdrie residents close to home.”

More information on AHF is available at their website.


BY: Halina Kolasinski, Air 106 – Friday, May 22, 2015

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